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Squirrel jumps into Stealth Sniper Trail Camera

Oct 11, 2011

Watch this squirrel jump right into the Stealth sniper trail camera. The turkey scared a group of squirrels who take to running.  Once jumps and runs right into the camera! If the camera hadn't been there this squirrel still would have run right into the tree! 


Thanks to Trailcampro!


Coyote captured on Bushnell Trail Camera

Oct 05, 2011


  Thanks to pixel scout 

At first glance I thought this pictures was taken with someone holding the camera since the coyote is perfectly positioned in the frame. But it was actually taken using a Bushnell trail camera, great capture! 


Bushnell 8MP Trophy Cam 47% off!

Oct 02, 2011

The Bushnell 8MP Trophy Cam Brown Night Vision Trail Camera is 47% off today! List price is $295.95, but today it's on sale for only $155.79. As an added bonus it comes with FREE Super Saver Shipping. This game camera comes with invisible 32-LED flash for 24-hour game scouting! 

The Official Product Description for the Bushnell 8MP Trophy Cam:

Product Features

    8-megapixel Night Vision trail camera with invisible 32-LED flash for 24-hour game scouting
    45-foot PIR motion activated sensor and flash range
    Field Scan time-lapse technology allows you preset automatic image capture intervals
    Up to one year of battery life; quick one-second trigger speed
    Captures video of up to 60 seconds with audio; 32GB SD card compatible

Key Features and Specifications:

    Black and white text LCD display
    High-quality, 8-megapixel full-color image resolution
    Invisible nighttime flash with 32 LEDs
    Motion activated day/night PIR auto-sensor
    45-foot flash and sensor range
    Adjustable PIR (Low/Medium/High)
    One second trigger speed
    Programmable trigger interval: one second to 60 minutes
    Multi-image mode: one to three images per trigger
    Widescreen, VGA, QVGA video resolution with audio
    Video length: programmable from one to 60 seconds
    Field Scan Time Lapse Mode with Simultaneous Live Trigger: takes images at pre-set intervals of one minute to 60 minutes, within the hours of your choice--at the same time as using the motion activated sensor.
    Weatherproof construction prevents rain from soaking in
    Temperature range: -5 to 140 degrees Fahrenheit
    Mounts with adjustable web belt and 1/4-20 socket
    SD card slot supports up to 32GB
    Power: 4 to 8 AA batteries (not included); external power compatible
    Battery Life: up to one year per batteries set
    Dimensions: 3.5 by 5.5 inches
    Model: 119436C

Product Description

The Bushnell Trophy Cam offers 8 MP high-quality full color resolution. This Trophy Cam™ is super-tuned with advancements that will turn the industry, and that big deer, on its ear. Its still leading the way with up to 1-year battery life and 1-second trigger speed, plus now gives you the big picture of game movement with Field Scan time-lapse technology. New time-lapse technology automatically snaps images at present intervals of one minute to one hour, within the hours of your choice. Field Scan provides long-range observation of your hunting ground and a much larger coverage area, because it's not triggered by game. It's like glassing your spot without having to be there. For a more vivid viewing experience, we've added audio record to the video mode. You can also record more images and video than ever thanks to 32GB SD card compatibility. The t temperature range is -5 to 140 degrees F. The PIR sensor is motion activated out to 45 feet (Low/Medium/High). Features adjustable web belt and 1/4-20 socket/SD card slot. 

Again, the Bushnell 8MP Trophy Cam is on sale for only $155.79


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