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What are game cameras?

There digital cameras that can be mounted to a tree or pole on a trail to take wildlife photos as animals pass by. Game cameras often use infrared light to be able to take photos in the dark as well as in the day. Some game cameras have video and the ability to record audio. They are often camouflaged  or have darker tones to stay hidden and not draw attention. Game cameras usually has a battery life of several months to a year (depending on how many photos it takes). 

Why use game cameras?

Game cameras are wildly used by hunters, wild life enthusiasts, security, or for paranormal research. Any time there is a need to take a photo automatically within a extended period time, would be a good opportunity to use a trail game camera.  Hunters like to use game cameras to monitor animal movements through a given period of time. Finding out how animals move, or what popular trails they frequent can help determine a wise hunting location for the upcoming hunting season.

Some game cameras provide time, temperature and lunar cycle to bring even more additional data.

How do game cameras work?

Game cameras use a IR or infrared beam. Once the beam is broken a photo is take. Some cameras can be operated manually or programmed to take a sequence of photos when triggered.  Game cameras are often equipped with a infrared illuminator light which will flood the area with infrared light for night shots. These lights are nearly invisible and do not disturb the animals. 

To start taking trail shots, simple secure the camera and turn it on. Most cameras have a 'hibernate' feature which helps preserve the battery life. The photos are usually recorded to a SD card. The quality of the photos (or resolution) will determine the number of images you will be able to store. You can always purchase a SD card of higher capacity if needed. 

Game cameras are weather resistant to water proof, depending on the make / model you decide to  purchase. To help prevent theft of your game camera in popular areas, you can look into camera locks. These are not guaranteed to protect your equipment, but could help stop a potential easy theft.

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Nov 13, 2012

Field testing new outdoor equipment is both exciting and frustrating. If you’re like the average, obsessive hunter/angler, you might spend a few hours reading reams of online content to determine what the best deer stand is for specific situations or what lures work best for topwater bass fishing. The problem is, with so many articles and reviews on the net, it’s hard to determine what is wheat and what is chaff.

A good rule of thumb is to determine if the writer/reviewer is a person that sits in an office writing paid reviews (it happens all the time) or if the person is the type that gets dirty. Obviously, you want to read about a product and how it works from someone that actually gets out into the woods and puts the product to use. In that vein, I’d like to mention Drew Hall, a blogger over at OutdoorWriter.net who is a self proclaimed, “southern hunter and angler, that just so happens to be schooled as a journalist.”

Drew has an active blog that covers a wide range of topics. It’s clear that he gets dirty during the season and also clear that he loves to tell his readers all about it. His prime obsessions are deer, duck and bass and he writes about his experiences and the equipment he uses to make his chosen sports that

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Nov 05, 2012

November has officially arrived and the woods are alive with the sounds of hunters. On any given morning out here in the Montana wilderness you can hear the repeats of shots fired – each, most assuredly a success that will bring meat to the table. In addition to the usual fare of deer, elk, antelope and moose (and the occasional bear and lion), this year folks are on the hunt for another predator, the wolf. As of the time I wrote this article, hunters had bagged 39 wolves statewide. Not a bad number this far into the season.

I hope everyone is out in good country this year, regardless of which state you are in, finding fresh trails, and catching big game. For those of you that are stuck home or are just between outings, I ran across a hunting blog that I wanted to share.

Outdoorfreaks.net is a place that touts, “Fresh Air, Good People, Lasting Memories”, and if you take a look around their site you immediately get a feeling for what they mean.  The blog is a consortium of outdoor enthusiast that write about what they love best – the outdoors! They have reviews, tips, and stories about every hunting related issue you can imagine. There is no wrong place to start looking around, but my suggestion is to start out by clicking the ‘Epic Stuff’ tab which is a collection of their best stories as ranked by themselves. Lots of good stuff.

So take the time to dig around their site as you get ready for your next early morning stroll through the woods. And, good luck out there.

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